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The goal of World Climate School US is to bring climate awareness, and education to the world, while providing people with the tools for personal involvement. Our focus is to engage with schools, libraries, sporting events, art and music festivals, in an effort to make climate restoration part of every person’s daily life.

World Climate School US is mobilizing a creative force for a new climate narrative. We are planting seeds of hope across generations with youth leaders at the helm. We are integrating climate literacy into local communities, while connecting to a global culture of climate initiatives.

World Climate School US

World Climate School US has assembled a powerful group of like-minded creative intellectuals who will facilitate project development, and community engagement using education and the arts.


Inger-Mette Stenseth is both founder and galvanizing force behind ground-breaking deep ecology projects in Scandinavia bringing together specialists in business, the arts, science and education from around the globe. Dedicated to positive interaction with the natural environment and cultural preservation, her work has included: Augural Youth conference at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, co-founding 360hub Global (2001) co-founding of World Climate School (2020). As part of the Nordic Scene, and the Nordic Think Academy, she is on the board of Norwegian Climate Network, Klimatfestival §112, and Project Manager for different youth projects funded by Erasmus+, Europe.

Karen A. Brown, a digital strategist, film producer, and CEO of StardustBlue Media, brings over 30 years of diverse experience in a vast array of marketing/media enterprises, from coordinating brand campaigns to Hollywood union campaigns and now to World Climate School US. Her all-encompassing influencer strategies capitalize on her foundational expertise in producing film, digital media, and related media vehicles.

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Together with strategic partners around the globe Inger, and Karen bring an exciting new narrative to climate awareness.

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