The Gap – (Global Artistic Pulse)

Global Artistic PulseBetween art and technology

– 2014 cjkoepfinger

Ghandi once said that you can tell the health of a nation by the way it treats its animals, I would like to borrow that metaphor yet rephrase it to fit here in our discussions. You can tell the spiritual health of world by the way it treats and appreciates its artists – but then again the animal and the artist have much in common. Driven by instinctual passion, both will dig to find a bone and often have to bark continuously till they get the attention of there masters.

The second half of the 20th century was a sad state of affairs for many the struggling artists. What started out as a boom in the swinging sixties shortly fizzled out in the seventies and eighties and corporate greed and commodity education soon tuned the anthem of the times. Liberal arts degrees soon became communication careers and man’s search for truth, beauty and meaning hopelessly lost somewhere in the collective consciousness.

Thankfully the century soon enough came to an end and the creative pulse began picking up thanks to technology. With new ways to discovery, it seemed as if the ransom of the age was being paid and the hostages who sought the arts set free again. With computers to work faster, leisure time was reconsidered. The cyber world soon created a doorway for new dimensions in imagination. And with this emerged a new artist – a new hybrid storyteller, who can respond to his or her muse at the touch of a button.

Welcome to cyberspace – Alice has finally found wonder land – a place to wonder and wander beyond the ordinary lines of space and time. Here we can boldly go to create an alternative life that suits our fancy – here we can connect with others ad infinitum and beyond – here you can literally explore limitless possibilities – now knowing that we are – alas, infinite yet bound only by the guidelines of our own imagineering. It almost feels like we are able to fly. Maybe this is exactly what flying feels like – at least now we can flock together with other like minds. Today we can consciously create new images and ideas and fractal patterns that garner our very fabric of existence, in a very new and exciting way.

In this column The GAP, we will explore the pulse of artists today all over the world. We will see what makes things tick in the midst of technology and try to understand why there is a definite difference in the world. Is drama changing? Is there now the need for meta theatre? And what about music? If we are seriously considering the colonization of Mars then I am sure the music of the spheres could well be shifting us to a higher consciousness. Certainly movies are changing, it was recently predicted that the flat screen will soon be extinct.

Here in The GAP we will compare notes from country to country by looking at art in the making to see what is becoming the cutting edge -and why. And finally we take time to coddle the artist with tastes and tidbits of new work new followed by only the most gracious commentary – for the task here is not to vent about coming trends but to honor the inventor. Our goal here is to capture the pulse of the poet, understand the modern minstrel, and pay homage to all art whether on the page, the stage or in paint or print. Here we will treat our hybrid artists of the 21st Century with respect and love because we know that they are attempting to make meaning of the creative passion that has surfaced in the soul of all humanity. For that we pay tribute and feast to feed our metaphysical appetites in this time of tumultuous change and endless aesthetic wonder !

– Coni