The Beauty of Afghanistan Remembered


This photo journal of Afghanistan by Joanne Warfield features photographs of an ancient country in thriving times. These striking images, taken in 1977, reveal the kindness and beauty of a rugged, poetic people, and Joanne’s intimate portraits of friends she met there weave the story together. Upon reflection, these captivating images of happier times become haunting, in view of the horrific events of war and poverty Afghans have endured over the past several decades.


Joanne’s goal is to bring a global awareness of Afghanistan and its people during a period of flourishing and peace. Her 80-some photographs reflect a time now long gone, when the Afghan people lived with pride and dignity, much as they had for generations.

Sadly, many in the world have only known Afghanistan as a country at war, whose people have suffered the devastation and erosion of their rights, freedoms, and ancient culture.


“As ethnic cultures are becoming rapidly extinct across the globe, it would be tragic to forever lose the beauty and diversity of Afghanistan, a country that has contributed so much to the world. I want my work to serve as an inspiration and a positive historical reference for everyone, and help Afghans world-wide honor their rich, cultural heritage. This my Gift of History, as these photographs capture and preserve the beauty and spirit of the Afghan people, and I can only hope that someday they will once again, like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes.”

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