Stéphan Choinière

Stéphan Choinière is a world-class acrobatic dancer and aerial artist, also accomplished as a gymnast, circus act choreographer, stunt man, and model. He created and performed the featured duo “body2body” in over 1000 shows for Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas production, Zumanity. As a 10 year veteran and principal performer with Anti-Gravity, Stephan appeared in such esteemed venues as: The Metropolitan Opera House, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall for MTV’s Video Music Awards, as well as performing nightly at the award ceremonies of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. He is proud to have been a featured entertainer at special events for George Lucas, Richard Branson, George Soros, and Paul Newman.

On the creation side of productions, in 2010 Stephan resided in Singapore as the aerial straps act designer, associate circus choreographer, trainer and post-launch resident director for the 90 minute show “Voyage de la Vie”, a multi-million dollar theatrical rock circus spectacular, created by The Generating Company, UK. As well in 2012, an equally enterprising circus, martial arts and dance attraction in China hired Stephan as the aerial silk act designer & assistant circus choreographer for the creation team assembled by Mirage Entertainment, USA. Cirque du Soleil also acquired Stephan as a coach to the ensemble cast during the creation of Criss Angel’s Las Vegas show, Believe.

Stephan received his degree in fine arts (painting & drawing) from Tyler School of Art while competing as an elite, scholarship gymnast for Temple University in Philadelphia. He went on to develop as a dancer, studying ballet, modern and hip hop styles. With the addition of varied circus skills and martial arts, he naturally began to fuse an artistic amalgam. His creative recipe for the stage has included awe-inspiring skills with fluid phrasing and emotive story telling. As the subject for artworks, Stephan collaborates with high-profile fine artists in photography and sculpture. His first hardcover monograph is slated for publication in 2013. Together with a coterie of extraordinary colleagues, this book of fine art images catalogues Stephan’s original acrobatic-dance partnering in poses or caught in action. When not in front of the lens, he choreographs specialty acts and teaches creative workshops for dancers and variety artists. His unconventional choreography and exploration techniques have been enthusiastically received in coaching and workshops internationally.

The development of an acrobatic-dance partnering language, merged with a life-long study of consciousness-science, has lead Stephan to configuring himself a creator of evocative performances that foster growth and evolution. His vision melds a passion for both the fine arts and the performing arts, while nurturing an affinity for symbolism and transformational narratives. Stephan is a core member of, c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, a research and educational 501c3 organization dedicated to creating a better future through arts and media. He is an Artistic Director for c3: CreateLAB — a platform for the development of experimental works in the performing and expressive arts driven by innovation and emerging technologies.