State of the Arts 2014

State of the Arts 2014

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The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity

and The Millennium Project


         STATE OF THE ARTS 2014:

Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Virtual Worlds

Lotus Post

1642 17th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Discover the latest trends emerging in well-being and research into new healing modalities using mindfulness practice in a virtual world.

Working with Mindfulness experts Dr. Steven Hickman and Allan Goldstein from the Center for Mindfulness, UCSD, Dr. Jacki Morie and team have adapted traditional Mindfulness classes to Virtual Worlds so people can attend them from their homes using a personal avatar.  The Mindfulness and Virtual World experts are currently supporting a longitudinal study being done by Dr. Valerie Rice, Chief of the Army Medical Department Field Element at Ft. Sam Houston TX, to evaluate whether this online method has the same benefits for mindfulness students as physical-based classes, which have evidence-based validity for their effectiveness in lessening stress, helping with chronic pain and dealing with long term illnesses. Hear from these experts about the results of their findings using this innovative and empowering work done in the virtual space.

This year’s State of the Arts 2014 event is designed to present a unique perspective on cutting edge trends in the virtual worlds and virtual reality, and how this powerful technology can be used not only in entertainment and the arts, but also as a powerful  platform for healing.

The goals of the event are twofold; to update the audience on this emerging medium and how it might evolve in the coming decade, what new career opportunities the virtual reality and virtual space offers, and the social impact and responsibility of creating with conscious intent,  from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  The second goal of all c3 events is to create a welcoming networking event that brings together thoughtful, visionary creatives, artists, mediamakers, academics, students, business leaders, futurists, scientists, consciousness professionals and those interested in working to discover new ways to progress humanity’s evolution.

Diana Winston, Director of UCLA's MARC: Mindfulness Awareness Research Center leads a meditation with Michael Perricone on Tibetan Bowls in The Vortex Dome 2012

Diana Winston, Director of UCLA’s MARC: Mindfulness Awareness Research Center leads a meditation with Michael Perricone on Tibetan Bowls in The Vortex Dome 2012

The State of the Arts 2014 will highlight the marriage of arts, media, mindfulness, wellbeing and technology in our evolving tech-driven age to look at the future with a perspective on socially beneficial storytelling and content, and how the power of Arts, Media and Entertainment can effect consciousness and catalyze individual, educational, social and global transformation.

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