State of the Arts 2012

State of the Arts 2012

State of the Arts 2012


The dialogue and — introducing an exciting new LA experiential showcase of the latest and greatest in emerging immersive arts and media trends and entertainment technologies and their power to transform.

This event took place on 9/22/2012.

Thought provoking speakers and panelists joining the roster:

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The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity with the Electronic Music Alliance, and The Millennium Project presents STATE OF THE ARTS 2012: AMPLIFY!  

Electronic Music AllianceThis year’s State of the Arts 2012 symposium is designed to present a unique perspective on the cutting edge trends in the arts and media and their effect on education, society and culture within the context of immersive media.  The goal of the symposium is to illicit dialogue around the function of art and media in society and education, how emerging communications and technologies are changing the arts and media, the phenomena of the Electronic Music Dance culture and PLUR, what new forms of art and media might emerge in the coming decade, new career opportunities and the social impact and responsibility of creating with conscious intent,  from a cross-disciplinary perspective.

Bella Gaia DemoThe State of the Arts 2012 symposium will highlight the unique marriage of art, media, education and technology in our evolving tech-driven age and to look at the future with a perspective on socially beneficial storytelling and content, how the power of Arts, Media and Entertainment can effect consciousness and catalyze individual, educational, social and global transformation.

This year we are pleased to introduce the seed of a new idea incubated by the c3 called f2: FUTUREFEST  — think of f2 as a 21st Century “Worlds Fair” of culture.  This experiential showcase features cutting-edge immersive entertainment technology exhibits, an arts and performance showcase, music, film, and new types of educational experiences as LA’s first ever fulldome immersive festival sponsored by IMERSA.

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