State of the Arts 2016

State of the Arts 2016

State of the Arts 2016

The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity and
The Millennium Project with Brink Institute presents


A.I. for Good & Music that Transforms

brink-institute-logo-01Millennium ProjectThis event took place on:

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Vortex Dome

Los Angeles Center Studios

450 South Bixel, Los Angeles, CA  90017

This year’s STATE OF THE ARTS 2016: A.I. and for Good and Music that Transforms focuses on the power of artificial (or machine) intelligence and music to transform our lives. From personal wellbeing, to education, arts and healing, this year’s event will honor both 2016 FutureVision Awardees; inventor of iWithin, Eric Shuss, and musician and composer, Ricky Kej.

Many stories in our media and entertainment paint a dystopic view of A.I. With fear and trepidation around the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI.) and the even more powerful thinking and learning Artificial General Intelligence (A.G.I.), we will explore a future where A.I. becomes a force for good, and helps integrate with humanity to make this world and our next worlds, a better place. The panel will discuss the evolution of AI and AGI, today’s reality and tomorrow’s potential for super-intelligences to positiviely help raise our consciousness and transform life as we know it.

The evening will culminate in the presentation of the annual c3 FutureVision Awards preceded by a presentation and short film by FutureVision Awardee musician Ricky Kej, a Grammy-nominated composer and creator of Shanti Samsara: World Music for Environmental Consciousness.



Images from the event

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Special thanks to our performing artists: 

The program ends with a special preview of the 360 immersive mixed-media dome piece ROBOT PRAYERS:

robotdancecelebrate1_5a_4096_smallThe presentation is provided by c3 AIR: Artist-In-Residence creator and visual poet/animator, Audri Phillips, creator, and music composer, Winter Lazerus, with additional creative team; actor, Bill Pullman, interactive visual and sound design, Will Michaelsen, creative and tech consulting Tim Hicks, producing and creative support, Kate McCallum, dancer/choreography, Caribay Franke from AIR: Sokamba, a multi-media arts collective.

Fritz Heede for performing on guitar during entrance to dome.

Michael and Jahna Perricone for providing the 360 immersive dome experience called Opening, a Sound Healing Meditation with Ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls and Ethereal Harmony.

Charlie Kam for contributing his music video Bhavishya [sponsored by Ray Lewis of Queen B. Clean]

A reception and networking event follows with 360 VJ and DJ, Tim Hix.

About iWithin:

iWithin has harnessed the latest scientific research with the best of meditation, psychology, yoga, nutrition, and exercise; added the latest machine learning, avatar and voice technology to turn any mobile device into a personal wellness coach available 24/7.

The wellness coach is an avatar designed by ex-Pixar Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Disney, EA team that provides a new level of user experience wherein users can talk to the coach about what they hope to correct or achieve in their life. The coach, through an understanding of that user’s personality, needs and lifestyle, draws from the best techniques and content to create a personalized road map for that user. The coach then guides the user to their objectives by building a program around their lifestyle and motivating them to reach their personal goals.

The content and practices harnessed by iWithin are incredibly powerful. For example some meditation has been scientifically shown to ‘rewire’ our brains, change our DNA responsible for anti-aging and prevent disease; in some cases in under eight weeks. This is potent stuff with proven effectiveness that exceeds conventional medical measures.

The beauty of our wellness coach is that it uses many of the latest technologies such as facial recognition, voice analytics and machine learning. The iWithin software is able to deduce things like respiration rates, personality profile, emotional states, lifestyle data and so on — which when combined with machine learning is able to create predisposition data. This data can be extremely effective in predicting a person’s likelihood of making an insurance stress claim, getting depressed, or having a heart attack and so on. Our wellness coach can be effective in deducing root causes of a user issues so that they can be addressed; not just the symptoms.

About Shanti Samsara:

Shanti Samsara was launched by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi & President of France François Hollande at the United Nations COP21 (Paris) in the presence of UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon. It was performed LIVE at the United Nations General Assembly, NYC and across the globe.

Spearheaded by Grammy® Award Winning composer & conservationist Ricky Kej (India) and inspired by his conversation with the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, SHANTI SAMSARA is truly a global endeavor featuring over 500 musicians including 22 Grammy® Winners from across the globe.

This album is a spiritual journey as much as musical one. In listening, we reflect not only on the subtle sounds of nature but our relation to them, and especially, our roles and responsibilities as children of Mother Nature. That is why Kej titled the album “Shanti Samsara.” The literal translation of the Sanskrit word “Shanti” means peace, but it has a broader meaning: peace, harmony, and equilibrium, in which we live in symbiosis with our surroundings

*About Robot Prayers:

ROBOT PRAYERS is an evolving 360 immersive fulldome and VR piece created by c3 AIR: visual artist, Audri Phillip and composer/musician, Winter Lazerus, with collaborative support from producer, Kate McCallum. Designed to explore the evolution of AI and robotics from an artistic point of view, ROBOT PRAYERS is a visual interpretation of abstract complexity that features 3D animation designed to propel the audience into the inner world of robotics, accompanied by the haunting electronic music of Winter Lazerus.

“From Pinocchio to The Matrix and Blade Runner, the current West World and Humans series, Star Wars and Star Trek reboots; tales of evolving consciousness both ancient, present and future capture the human imagination. As with Pinocchio, this piece is for anyone (or anything) who seeks to become “real,” and find the best of who they are, while faced with the exponential explosion of innovation, both scientific and technological that is rapidly taking place. Robot Prayers: An exploration of Technological Consciousness, looks at the ever-changing nature of reality we are faced with every day, and takes its audience deep into the heart of this change.

Special thanks to our sponsor Queen B. Clean and Ray Lewis: