A Multimedia Art Collective

SOKAMBA is a collective of artists that produces live multimedia art shows, public interactive events, night life celebrations, virtual reality experiences, and community outreach including art therapy and creative workshops for children.

Sokamba lindseyIt is the company’s mission to use the fusion of interdisciplinary art and technology to produce innovative experiences that appeal to a multitude of senses and inspire a sense of harmony, community and collective healing amongst their audiences.

SOKAMBA is currently working towards the production of a touring dome show which explores the relationship between our earth and its water through interactive art installations, original music, dance, spoken word and immersive 360 animation.

sokambaSOKAMBA was created in 2013 in order to provide a safe space for youth to build community, express themselves through the arts and explore innovative ideas. While SOKAMBA was created purely from and for passion, it was surprising to witness its fast growth. Each season SOKAMBA would produce a public mixed-media live art show, with its audience more than doubling with each performance.

As SOKAMBA recognized the positive feedback and impact it was having on its followers – its members decided in Fall 2015 to turn the passion project into a professional non-profit production company, with community outreach being a core mission.

sokamba-1The company received fiscal sponsorship from the Center for Conscious Creativity and is now engaging in a partnership with the Vortex Dome Theatre LA, at LA Center Studios, working towards the production of a touring show. The company hopes to use the show as a vehicle to reach diverse communities and provide workshops across all art-forms to each community it’s show tours to.sokamba-4
SOKAMBA’s credits include performing at the USA World Art Day Reception Gala (hosted by IAA-UNESCO & the LA Art Walk), the mixed-media art festival REVOLUTION at the historic Belasco Theatre (featuring Sam Sparro, produced by Dov Serro Productions), choreographing for Plain White T’s music video and screening their dance film In Interlude at the international San Francisco Film Festival. Individual company members created works for coachella, lightning bottle and the ringling brothers circus.

The company’s members include dancers, acrobats, actors, musicians, sculptors, animators, cinematographers, virtual reality creators and software engineers. As the company is growing and demanding more staff, SOKAMBA is preparing for a new business model to better support its touring and outreach efforts. The company will launch its new business branch in Spring 2017.

SOKAMBA Reviews:

sokamba-7Working with SOKAMBA was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. It not only left me more aware of the constant encounters rippling through my life – it has gifted to me a spiritual toolkit applicable to every experience I have.  SOKAMBA is something deeper than art.

-Ben Benjamin, Workshop Participant at SOKAMBA

SOKAMBA’s performance was the heart and soul of the World Art Day USA Reception Gala.

-Raul Rosiles, Producer of WAD Reception Gala

SOKAMBA is art at its best, changing lives, and summoning both individual and collective growth. There is a spiritual, universal element to SOKAMBA and it is a privilege to experience it.

-Katina Mitchell, Workshop Participant at SOKAMBA

Every single person I met in SOKAMBA was incredibly inspiring, we hope they come back to perform at Art Share LA again in the future.

-Cheyanne Sauter, Executive Director of Art Share LA

SOKAMBA embodies a set of values that causes us to challenge each other and ourselves, explore the deep nature of reality, find gratitude for the world, and seek to find and spread peace and joy. After an experience with Sokamba, there’s always an amazing content-ness that rests within your soul no matter how many other things you have to attend to.

-Chris Robinson, Performer at SOKAMBA

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