Salon on Buffalo FUND

My name is Susan Krebs and I’m a musician seeking support for my Salon on Buffalo Series 2024. To produce this growing series properly and responsibly requires underwriting, and so for the second year, I’ve created this Salon Fund.

Listening venues in which to play one’s music are in short supply. These salons offer a rare intimate concert environment for musicians to play what they may and with whom they may! And it gives the fully-engaged audience – many regulars – a stimulating concert experience followed by a stimulating hang. It is a balm of a gathering! There is a ripple effect I believe with the in-person or live-streaming salon’s good vibrations going out and about into the world.

> The salons will stream on FaceBook. One good camera with good aux mic, aiming to share the good music and good vibes in the “parlor” with more folks.

> All musician participants will have DropBox access to/download of a good Video document of the concert.

Your Underwriting will ensure:

> Guaranteed Minimums for Musicians and for my Tech/Assoc Producer.

> Covering my Cost Outlay for each salon.

(Food & Bevs, Paper Goods, Piano Tuning)

> Covering much of my one-time Streaming Set-Up cost. 

Salon Gate is $25 – includes libations and tasty bites.

Average Attendance: 15 – 20.

Sometimes the Gate will meet my guarantees and costs, sometimes with surplus going to the musicians;  sometimes it will not, and that is when I will draw from the Salon Fund.

A suggested $25 DONATION to this fund would be most welcome.

It gives me great pleasure to present these very fine Jazz artists from our community in my little corner of the world. Thank you for your support in allowing me to continue. Let’s make Jazz not War ! Slide on by the parlor ~ Suze

Susan Krebs Bio:

A native of Baltimore, longtime citizen of Los Angeles, and an actor and theater improviser for many years (Film: 28 Days; TV: Mad Men; Improv: War Babies), Susan’s passion has always been for the music, performing as a jazz vocalist at venues such as Vitellos, LACMA, Blue Whale, and in living rooms with her jazz salon, Salon on Buffalo, and in concert with her ongoing multimedia project, JAZZ AVIARY ~ A Celebration of Birds & the Universal Music We Share in collaboration with The Soaring Sextet.

Susan has released 8 recordings, including Simple Gifts and SPRING ~ Light Out of Darkness with her Chamber Band, DAYBREAK ~ with Mixed Remotions, and with Trio WoRK, releasing their 2nd album, “Dancing in the Dark”, in early 2023.

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Your gift is 100% tax deductible. Please Donate!

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