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The Path of Non-Separation

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The Path of Non-Separation is a 6-month program taught by American spiritual teacher Michael Richardson-Borne. Simplifying spiritual awakening into a series of “micro jumps” where many small shifts of identity experience accumulate to reveal what he calls Non-Separation, Michael’s teaching is now internationally recognized as a means to enact personal, cultural, and systemic change.

In partnership with the Center for Conscious Creativity, The Richardson-Borne Foundation was created as a scholarship fund for people around the world who would like to participate in The Path of Non-Separation Study Program.

Michael’s vision is one that empowers humanity to live within a non-separative environment rooted in a “depth education” that establishes a detailed intellectual understanding of the Separate Self (also known as the ego), offers developmentally appropriate inquiries for integrating all aspects of the Separate Self’s experience, and encourages practices for questioning the Separate Self until personal experience is re-contextualized in a broader field of non-separative existence.

Michael Richardson-Borne

From years of teaching The Path of Non-Separation, Michael has come to recognize universal incremental experiences of identity that can be “induced” by performing the relational practices he designs. Each practice progressively loosens the grip of the Separate Self as the sole interpretation of reality, freeing students from multiple layers of “fossilized” Separate Self stories by exposing the limited depth of each identity structure they discover within. Focusing on accomplishing these “micro jumps” from one primary identification to another, students build confidence and gain a kind of momentum that makes moving beyond the ego toward the realization Non-Separation a natural by-product of their learning.

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