The c3 works to provide the latest resources, information, and scientific advances dedicated to supporting storytellers, artists, and creatives in all mediums explore their inner lives, the psychology of creativity, and the effects and impact their work has on the evolution of human consciousness and wellbeing, and the future of our life on earth.   

Please find an active evolving list of resources:


Alternative Planetary Future Institute
The Millennium Project
WFSF: World Future Studies Federation
Hollywood Health and Society
Social Impact Entertainment Society
SEE: Science and Entertainment Exchange
IONS: Institute for Noetic Sciences
The Center for Consciousness Research (Robert Bigelow)
The Scientific and Medical Network
The Society for Psychical Research
The American Society for Psychical Research
The Center for Consciousness Research
Rhine Institute
Fetzer Institute
International Academy for Consciousness
CIIS: The Center for Consciousness Studies
Philosophical Research Society
Rudolf Steiner was a true maverick! Founder of Waldorf Education and so much more! USC’s Worldbuilding Media Lab USC’s Change Making Media Lab


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