Project AWE

Project AWE is delighted to announce that it was awarded a non-profit 501(c)(3) status to support its mission to nurture and explore art of the past, present, and future. Please join us to celebrate this accomplishment at our next art event on May 15th presented by Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center. Learn more here…

Project AWE would like to take this opportunity to extend deep gratitude to c3: Center For Conscious Creativity for its support. The c3 helped launched project AWE by providing fiscal sponsorship while we awaited our official non-profit status. We look forward for future opportunities for collaboration and joint efforts in making art a resonant experience to our audiences.


Interpreting the Past – Contributing to the Present – Shaping the Future

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Project AWE (Aesthetics of Western Esotericism) is on a mission to explore forgotten connections between Hermetic-Cabalist traditions & Art.  Using the esoteric “key”, AWE provides new dimensions to understanding & experiencing the cultural icons of Western European heritage.  Join us in search of new and inspiring evidence demonstrating esoteric ideas across time in the arts from Leonardo Da Vinci to Mozart.
We engage via public lectures, conferences, tours, TV series, translation work, publications, art exhibitions, recitals, & performances.


The Past

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project AWE offers Invisible Museum Tours an art journey to museums led by artists, scholars, & experts in the fields of Art, History, & Esotericism creating unforgettable experiences that change the way we look and interact with art.  click here to learn more


 The Present

Skin-4 project AWE promotes creativity in visual, literary, and music arts. Programs and collaborations are supported by  grants including The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Genesis Philanthropy Group & The Jewish Agency for Israel.  click here to learn more


The Future

project AWE launched the Young Artist Program (Y.A.P.) to create a support system for young talent & to raise scholarship funds helping the students transition to Art College – making it possible for their dreams to become a career.  click here to learn more


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Images: Michele Mattei Photography