philip horváth

Founder and former Chief of Innovation

My passion is to live my life as an independent agent and transformational catalyst. Love working with people and organizations in transition who realize that we live in a radically new world and who want to create new sustainable solutions. I make complex things simple, love seeing structures in everything, and get really excited about relating them to processes the universe appears to organize itself in.

Drawing from a broad background in a variety of disciplines, I have worked as a business and technology consultant, transformational counselor, minister, healer, coach, artist, and under many more labels. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and individual artists, worked in health care, the military, education, entertainment, fashion… my primary passion is consciousness and exploring human evolution.

philip horvathMy professional career started at age 10, when my father bought a computer (which was heavier than I at the time, had two 8″ floppy disks, 64k RAM and a green monochrome monitor). By the time I was 11, I was programming databases for him and the hospital he was working at. At age 14 I took a few accounting classes and started working as an accountant for an arts and framing gallery, supporting both my interest in business as well as the arts. At the same time, I began to study leadership and management. Taking these interests to college, I studied Organizational Development and Design with a focus on leadership and a minor in communication. After a couple of student jobs in the registrar’s office and the IT department, I ended up with a scholarship in a small department focused on academic technology development and cognitive sciences, which led to a few years in research, participation in a large-scale transformational strategy project for the whole university, and finally, my being hired away from the university to join an exclusive Fortune 500 boutique consulting firm with whom I have worked off and on as an independent consultant for the last 9 years. Throughout my career, I have worked in the health care sector, for the military, education, entertainment and fashion industry. My focus initially was on large-scale integrations and technology architecture projects, but over the years shifted to more and more process optimization and program management including the setup of PMO structures.

While my brain was getting trained in left brain skillsets, I also started connecting to my right brain at an early age (just found a book of poetry I started when I was seven, one of the first poems being about the meaning of life). Played theater throughout my school years, welded metal scultpures, am making music and have been a compulsive creative as long as I can remember. This in combination with an interest in philosophy and psychology, as well as yoga (which my dad suggested at an early age to address my slight hyperactivity – thank god they did not have Ritalin back then). Have been studying various esoteric and hermetic disciplines, religions and consciousness ever since, including a Masters in Transformational Psychology.

Inspired by my own split personality, my personal focus has always been on synthesizing left- and right-brain aspects of my work and life – and helping others with theirs. In my work as a counselor, coach and consultant, I have been focusing on helping left brain people connect to their right brain and creativity, and provide right brainers with the skills to ground down their creativity in this life.

My current focus is on being a transformational catalyst, working with people and organizations in transition to make change willful and hence transformative.