Pasión 360 Musical

Pasión is an innovative, immersive celebration of Latin Culture told through music, dance, and 360° immersive visuals created by Jeff Klein, Jenni Ogden & Maria Torres.

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It is also a cultural project, a creative representation celebrating the roots of Latin culture through Music, Dance & Immersive visuals, based on historic as well as mythological characters of the culture. From Spanish, African, and Taino origins, we take the audience on a journey through the Caribbean to the heart of Puerto Rico and beyond. We strongly believe that by celebrating the roots of a culture in an innovative and entertaining way such as this, we bring people together in celebration of our diversity as a global community.

Pasión not only challenges the conventions of contemporary performance, it introduces a new form of theatre, technology and visual design. With the creation of Pasión as a fully immersive experience in a 360° dome theatre we are exploring not only a culture from it’s original roots through rhythm, dance, and visuals, it also explores and introduces a new language in theatre; by immersing the audience in 360° degree visuals we are able to take them on this journey in a truly visceral way.

Pasión integrates culture, original music and show stopping choreography with a moving visual odyssey integrating 360° immersive vistas, art, animation, and FX.

Our initial workshops have been wholly self-funded by the creators of Pasión. We are now in need of funding, to further this groundbreaking project. Our next steps include:

1) Workshop & additional presentations in December 2015 – major donors will be receiving a special invitation to experience Pasión in person!

2) Filming for VR (virtual reality) – we will film our live presentation with an immersive VR camera array for viewing the full 360 immersive experience in virtual reality!

3) Showcase – A showcase (40 minute) performance of Pasión as our first introduction to the public and to showcase Pasión to theatre partners to produce a full length, 90 minute show and take Pasión on tour in a customize full dome theatre.

All donations towards future workshops, private presentations as well as our showcase public performance are tax-deductible. Donations can made for our project through our fiscal sponsor; c3: the Center for Conscious Creativity

Please donate!