State of the Arts 2016


The Millennium Project & c3: VisionLAB™ as an Arts and Media “Node”

The Millennium Project was founded in 1996 after a three-year feasibility study with the United Nations University, Smithsonian Institution, Futures Group International, and the American Council for the UNU. Now an independent non-profit global organization, it acts as an international research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers who work for international organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, and universities. The Millennium Project manages a coherent and cumulative process that collects and assesses finding from 40 Nodes around the world, culminating in an annual “State of the Future” publication and reports dedicated to understanding how humanity can work together to improve the human condition, as well as catalyzing projects through better interdisciplinary knowledge share.

In 2010 the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity was invited by the Millennium Project to chair and create a “Global Arts and Media Node,” and has been contributing to their growing information base updated annually in the STATE OF THE FUTURE report they publish.  The c3 has committed to producing an annual event to focus on trends in the arts and media and launhed the inagural event at LA Center Studios in 2010 called STATE OF THE ARTS 2010.  In 2011 the c3 collaborated with The PGA: Producers Guild of America for the STATE OF THE ARTS 2011 event called PRODUCING CHANGE.  The c3 also inspires and focuses on projects addressing the organization’s 15 Global Challenges: Sustainable development and climate change, clean water, population growth, democracy and equal rights, long-term perspectives, global convergence of information and communications technologies, ethical market economies, global health issues, global decision making policies and process, peace and conflict, status of women, crime, energy, scientific and technological, and global ethics.

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Brink Institute





BRINK Institute was created to foster and facilitate curated conversations with the makers, doers & disrupters who are shaping our future, and to encourage and support the forward momentum of initiatives that benefit not just members of the BRINK community, but the community, our species and the planet as a whole.
Advanced by the ever-increasing acceleration of knowledge, invention and technology creations, there are those who believe that we will reach the full emergence of the technological and cultural singularity – technological change so rapid and profound that it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history – by 2045. Today in 2016, we find ourselves enveloped by exponentially exploding technologies, individual and communal connectivity that is unparalleled in history, expanding geographic and astronomic frontiers, environmental changes that increase in velocity every year, and the creation, storage, analysis and exploitation of data in volumes never before even imagines. We are living through the most profound global paradigm shift humanity has seen in recorded history.
The tools we create today, the applications we develop and the intelligence we invent are literally the building blocks of tomorrow. What kind of future will we create? And will we create it thoughtfully, intentionally and mindfully or will we defer to create by default?
BRINK Institute endeavors to examine emerging technology and its creators/inventors/pioneers on a global scale and to explore the promise and peril of these advances and their impact on humanity in an attitude of open-source and open-mindedness in order to know more and to in turn better our collective future.