The Orpheus Institute wishes to express its gratitude to c3, Center For Conscious Creativity, for its support. Thanks to Kate and Ed for their commitment and their help in providing the Fiscal Sponsorship we need to launch our endeavor in America. We hope to partnership with c3 in the next future.



The Ancient Greeks erected spectacular venues where great classical dramas were staged with music, in impressive amphitheaters connected to highly-developed healthcare centers. People traveled to these locations from around the world in the quest to be healed by powerful cathartic theatrical spectacles. Yet blending the grand spectacle of music, art and medicine into a single magnificent facility is a feat not attempted in more than 2,500 years. During the past decade, multi-talented creators and practitioners in diverse specialties have worked diligently and collaboratively to debut just such project that—inspired by Orpheus—blends the performing arts, medical sciences, and modern technology together. Help us change the way to heal people around the world!

Orpheus Institute 1MEET OUR VISION

When created and produced with intention, Great Staged Spectacles can:

  • Contribute to the exploration of the inner workings of human drama
  • Show the beauty of the universal human adventure •  Raise spectator consciousness
  • Guide individuals in their search for meaning
  • Reveal the ability of humans to excel and transform themselves

Orpheus Institute 3SHARE OUR MISSION

The Orpheus Project was created to integrate the Grand Spectacle of Music and Art with Medicine into the framework of a Magnificent Facility, designed to empower individuals to experience a cathartic emotional journey, while also benefiting from innovative health care techniques.


The Orpheus Experience — a wide-range of modern-day, ten to fifteen hour musical multimedia show evolving within strategic two-to three hour long sessions — is inspired by the myth of Orpheus adapted for the 21st Century, whose action takes place simultaneously on stage and on screen. It is the core of The Orpheus Project. The Orpheus Center, a large complex comprised of a 3,000-seat amphitheater, a comprehensive healthcare center, on-site accommodations and catering facilities to ensure a comfortable curative stay.


The Orpheus Project is dedicated to establishing a collaborative environment by assembling the collective endeavors of many talented and dedicated partners. The Project originator Alain Amouyal aspires to assemble an international creative team comprising of

  • Artistic and technical colleagues in music, choreography, film, avant-garde scenographers, and other specialists in the creative arts willing to contribute to this grand endeavor
  • Scientists and health care practitioners with an interest in exploring and validating the concept of music and art as a viable healing intervention.

The Orpheus project and its partners must collectively support open-mindedness — in the aim to attract outstanding programs and exhibitions that stimulate spectator emotions and enhance the artistic, spiritual, and humanitarian aspects of this project.

Step Inside the World of the Orpheus Project


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