Matt Cornwall – Member

c3‘s Creative Advisor

I am a multi-faceted artist, and die-hard perennial philosopher.  My interests in artistic expression are deeply connected and committed to what I consider simply higher and wildly more imaginative notions of the meaning of this thing we call “consciousness” as well as human evolution and participation in something greater than ourselves.

I have been an artist my whole life.  I started writing poetry at a very early age, as well as taking to the drums and making music quite naturally. In the mid to late 80’s, i became an actor, with beginnings as a performance artist in the then burgeoning downtown Los Angeles boyd street theatre/ l.a.c.e “performance” scene, before migrating to San Francisco to join forces with several dance theatre groups, most notably “contraband” and “the joe goode performance group,” while studying theatre and dance at SFSU. Since then, i have acted in countless plays, improv groups, short films, commercials, stand-up comedy, as well as being a playwright, video artist, conceptual artist, poet, dancer, and musician. I have been a “DJ” (that’s vernacular for “disc-jockey” fyi) for the past 8 years,

immersed in many diverse music scenes and culture in Los Angeles as well as traveling as a working DJ throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Interwoven throughout my life, has been an utter undying thirst for a deeper meaning of life. combining rigorous self study with many classes, seminars, lectures and workshops.  I am quite versed in many different spiritual/ mystical teachings , traditions and practices ranging from alchemy , to zen buddhism, all points in between and the waaay beyond.  I have had the distinct pleasure of working with c3 throughout the past years, acting as an event coordinator, by being introduced to the company through my partner Roberto Blain.  I am currently working on content development, as well as event facilitation, and am grateful to every member of this fine crew. lastly, I am sublimely thrilled knowing that c3’s particular stance and brand of transformational paradigm will be of great importance and a palpable catalytic presence in what can only be described as the great ever encroaching shift.