Live Free

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What would you be willing to sacrifice for your freedom? 

Summary: “Live Free,” is an odyssey through the war in Ukraine that shows the need to fight for democracy whenever it is threatened.

Film: “Live Free,” follows filmmaker and Army veteran Justin Roberts as he video journals to his daughter from the trenches of the Donbas, explaining the lessons he learned during his journey through the war in Ukraine. His team of veterans travels throughout Ukraine to meet with political leaders, the wounded, and the heroes at the front and in the trenches, all with the goal of understanding the desperate fight for democracy. Structured as a memoir, with each location serves as a chapter, the film explores love and how it motivates people to defend their families and country in the midst of war. Through the stories of six heroes, “Live Free” delves deep into the heart of humanity at war and the struggle for freedom.

Team: The film is directed by Justin D. Roberts, a war and disaster documentary director and producer with a track record of creating powerful, impactful films. Roberts is the creator of the international award-winning military documentary No Greater Love, which screened before the White House and Congress and was praised as “one of the best, most powerful documentaries ever made” by Movie Guide.

Producer Karen Kraft Karen Kraft is an award-winning writer, director, producer, and television executive and former Army Officer. Her work has aired on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and many other networks. Karen is the Founder of Hero Media Group, an entertainment company comprised of television and feature film executives whose mission is to develop and produce stories about personal courage and sacrifice across all media platforms.