IONS 14th Annual Conference: Noetic 2.0

July 20-24, 2011

Transformative Media’s Next Evolution—Sandra de Castro Buffington, MPH; Dana Klisanin, PhD; Ed Lantz, and Kate McCallum

(A panel moderated by Matthew Gilbert)

Join these pioneering creatives as they discuss trends in media’s social impact, strategies for education and dissemination, and development/promotion of next-generation “entertainment that matters.” You’ll learn about the emergence of new immersive technologies, a global futures think tank that recognizes the power of media to change people’s lives, and the enduring value of effective storytelling.

Sandra de Castro Buffington

Sandra de Castro Buffington, MPH is a catalyst for conscious entertainment, evolutionary leadership, and social transformation. Focusing on “what’s working” in Hollywood and the world, she leverages the power of conscious storytelling to transform lives. As director of Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S), a program of the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center, Buffington provides Hollywood’s master scriptwriters and producers with free access to experts to inspire and enhance the social value of their storylines for television, film, and new media.

Dana Klisanin

Dana Klisanin, PhD, is founder and executive director of the Evolutionary Guidance Media Research & Design Group. A pioneer in conscious media research, Klisanin, who earned her PhD in psychology from Saybrook University, is currently investigating digital altruism and the emergence of a new archetype: the cyberhero. She is the author of numerous articles and is a frequent presenter at conferences throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

Ed Lantz

Ed Lantz is CEO and co-founder of Vortex Immersion Media, Inc., an entertainment technology company developing large-scale immersive and interactive experiences. He is also an interfaith minister who believes that music, art, and storytelling are powerful transformative modalities that have the potential to awaken and guide our evolution of consciousness.

Kate McCallum

Kate McCallum is the founder of c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, a research, education, and creative collective dedicated to emerging and future trends in arts, media, consciousness, and creativity. She is also founder and CEO of Bridge Arts Media, LLC, and chair of the Global Arts and Media Node for The Millennium Project, a global futurist think tank.

Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert is editorial director at IONS, former editor-in-chief of the quarterly magazine, Shift: At the Frontiers of Consciousness, and co-founder of Noetic Books. He is also the author of two books and has written extensively on the media, the environment, business, and spirituality.