HF Productions Global Event Series

HF Productions Global Event SeriesBy attending HF Productions Global Event Series film screenings and through your generous financial support you will have the opportunity to play an active role in upholding our mandate to deliver international, inclusive, and impactful opportunities to help make a difference.

It is those three words that represent us: International, Inclusive, Impactful. That is the core of what HF Productions is here to achieve. Through our Global Event Series we are constantly looking to build relationships that expand our mandate to provide educational and inclusive opportunities within our work, and C3: Center for Conscious Creativity shares in the goal of this mission. We believe there is such a unique opportunity to use film and media platforms to engage artists and audiences to be action drivers for a better world.

HF Productions Global Event SeriesOur global event series of film festivals would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters and friends and our wonderful fiscal sponsor partners in C3: Center for Conscious Creativity. Your tax-deductible donation is essential for us to continue with our global program that we hope is valuable for educating communities and providing opportunities to independent and emerging filmmakers.

HF Productions Global Event Series is a fiscally sponsored project of C3: Center for Conscious Creativity 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization. Contributions in support of HF Productions Global Event Series are payable to C3 and are tax deductible as allowed by law. Donations are prioritized to go to providing travel for showcasing filmmakers, HF Productions Global Event Seriesfilm category awards, organizing panels/round tables with experts, promotional materials for sponsors and the events programming, and venue operations to ensure a valuable event where people can engage with the narratives, socialize/network together in discussion about the showcased projects, and receive education through workshops/conversations/panels and guided expeditions.

We strive to create events around the world that are cozy and embracing of a culture of inclusivity for Independent filmmakers of all walks of life. From the very experienced and esteemed, to the young and emerging, we are here to champion people’s stories. It is why our events have been free to attend, and why we nurture relationships with the communities we go to. Creating educational opportunities within our work is paramount to reaching what we consider a successful place.

Our current HF Productions Global Event Series includes:

  • Arctic Film Festival
  • Firenze Film Festival
  • Rome Independent Cinema Festival
  • Prague Film Awards
  • Budapest Independent Film Festival
  • Athens Short Film Festival
  • Santorini Film Festival
  • Sydney Short Film Festival
  • Melbourne Short Film Festival
  • Wellington Independent Film Festival
  • Annual Copenhagen Film Festival
  • Annual Arhus Film Festival
  • Stockholm Independent Film Festival
  • Oslo Independent Film Festival
  • Oslo Shorts Film Festival
  • Dublin Independent Film Festival
  • Jakarta Independent Film Festival
  • CloseUp: Reykjavik Film Festival
  • CloseUp: Edinburgh Docufest Festival
  • CloseUp: San Francisco Short Film Festival
  • Oakland Short Film Festival
  • LA Festival of Cinema
  • Arizona Short Film Festival
  • ABQ Independent Film Festival
  • Dallas Independent Film Festival

Partnered Festivals:

  • SDGs in Action Film Festival
  • Arts x SDGs Festival

HF Productions Global Event SeriesOur team is particularly passionate in our support for social impact narratives. We have been involved with projects on topics from grieving children who have lost parents ( An Elephant in the Room ), to humanitarian rangers delivering aid in global hot zones ( #UnitedWeWin , Free Burma Rangers ), or documenting the experiences of concentration camps ( Women of the Gulag ). We have been commissioned by the United Nations to organize SDG events (SDGs in Action Film Festival, Arts x SDGs Festival) and apply for our own events to be approved as SDG Development Platform Initiatives (Arctic Film Festival). Our team is also being commissioned to teach special courses at film schools including the Kort & Dokumentar Filmskolen, Denmark’s largest independent film institution. We recognize the opportunities we have to use these platforms for good, and to showcase stories that can have a major impact on people across the world.

By supporting us in our mission you will be helping us further these goals:

  1. HF Productions Global Event SeriesTo provide film festival events around the world to the public that prioritize social impact and sustainability narratives, also provide filmmakers an accessible event to showcase their works.
  2. To provide education to filmmakers and audiences in the form of roundtable discussions, workshops, film school courses, and expeditions in places like Svalbard, Greenland, Greece, where we teach about how film can be used for much more than awareness, but to be change drivers for important global goals and initiatives.
  3. Champion the United Nations mandate on SDGs and nurture initiatives through narratives that we are working on getting shown in front of the UN General Assembly, and other major change makers around the world.
  4. Support social impact stories directly through our showcases that go to support topics including grieving children, humanitarian Rangers, among others.

Your gift is 100% tax deductible. Please Donate!