State of the Arts 2021

f2: Futurefest

 f2 futurefest logo

f2: FutureFest 2013

is a vision incubated from the c3 to evolve a 21st Century

“Worlds Fair of Culture”

born and evolved out into the

City of Los Angeles

A futuristic showcase of the best of human innovation and creativity

highlighting Socially Beneficial Story and Creativity….

Complete with a Symposium – STATE OF THE ARTS

Workshops & Talks

Futuristic Films & Media

Visionary Fashion & Architectural Displays

Cutting-Edge Music & Arts Performances and Installations

Emerging Fine Art & Digital Art

Future Trends in Classical Arts

The Art of Food

 Emergent Entertainment and Arts Technology Exhibitions

complete with a

Concert for a Cause Live Streamed Globally

Imagine the power of the Creative Community serving as a living “Think Tank” for a City and its Challenges….

f2: FutureFest