Eric Matthies

Eric Matthies is an award winning producer and director specializing in documentaries, video installations and special features for DVD’s.  He is also on the Board of Directors for Equal Chance, a micro-finance scholarship fund in Ghana, and The Center For Conscious Creativity.   His company, EMP Inc. has produced documentary content for dozens of films and games.

Working in North, South and Central America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Russia and Western Europe, Eric has also produced an array of documentary projects on diverse topics including sustainable transportation solutions in Africa, musician biographies, jazz theory, volcanoes, AIDS, poverty, diamond mining, Jonestown and skateboarding.  Along with partner Tricia Todd, a separate company was created to facilitate the non-commercial side of EMP?s productions. Project Lab is the documentary division of EMP, Inc.  The goal of Project Lab is to give production support to documentary film makers and help them bring their film to reality.  Project Lab documentaries have been screened in festivals around the globe and received nominations for awards in film making excellence, social justice and technical merit.

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