Em’s Theory

Em's Theory

The Story of Em’s Theory:

A brilliant, opinionated particle physics student discovers she has the power to control our futures, when she starts time-jumping forward in time to different timelines of probable futures and lucid dreams of ancient cultures. Now she must find the others like her, and prevent the OPP secret shadow government, who wishes to control humanity’s future and lead it to a dark one.

Em’s Theory is a multi-platform franchise for young adults. It will be developed as a sci-fi book trilogy, graphic novel, interactive comic book, digital animated series and later as a virtual reality game.

It is geared towards the young adult crowd who love sci-fi, anime, super heroes and also ancient cultures and mythology.

The story will feature a cast of multicultural, global characters who will be made appealing to both a global audience as well as a growing diverse local USA community.

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