Events Chronology

c3:  Center for Conscious Creativity Events Chronology (founded 2004)

Season 2004:

June 2004, Co-Produced Salon on “Myth and Meaning” featuring Jonathan Young, Mythology Expert, with (it) magazine, (it) studios, Los Angeles, CA

October 2004, Co-Produced “New Paradigm Story and the Future of Content” Writers Conference with the Southern California Writers Conference, Los Angeles [** see below excerpt]

Season 2005:

January 2005, Produced and hosted a Salon “Painter Speaks on Painting” featuring artist, Joshua Elias, the Brewery, Los Angeles, 2005.

August 2005, Participated as Round Table Member with “The Future of Consciousness,” Conference sponsored by the Institute for Global Transformation Irvine, CA

Season 2006:

June 2006, Sponsor of “The Harmony Channel” VoD launch on COMCAST CABLE, Chadsford, PA

August 2006, Consultant and Producer suppot for the “Science of Peace” and Institute for Noetic Sciences Consortium and video shoot, Peteluma, CA

July 2006, Produced and hosted a concert for peace, “From Jerusalem to Cordoba” with musicians Joseph Rowe and Catherine Braslavsky, Los Angeles, CA.  This concert was listed as a participant with the Daniel Pearl World Music Day (Foundation) and was held at the Besant Lodge.

August 2006, Sponsor and Producer/Moderator of Panel “The Transformational Power of Art and Media,” and produced video coverage for Dragonfly Now’s “A Celebration of Oneness” Conference/Concert, Los Angeles, CA

Season 2007:

March 2007, Facilitated “Transformational Power of Art and Media” for “2nd Enlightenment” Conference, Columbia South, Carolina sponsored by World Affairs Council and Communities of the Future

Produce and hosted SECOND SATURDAY SALONS:

Season 2006/07 c3 featured a three part concert/salon series entitled “The Transformational Power of Sound&Vision” at the Besant Lodge in Los Angeles, California:

  • Part 1:  John Banks and Fritz Heede’s “Ritual Path” screening and live music performance by Noa Winter Lazerus preceded by a lecture entitled “Creative Ecstasy:  Art and the Altering of Consciousness” presented by Dr. Stephen Hoeller
  • Part 2:  Dwight Loop’s live multi-media performance of  “Hanub Ku” with introductory lecture by Dr. Stephen entitled “The Mayan Myth.”
  • Part 3:  Bill Scott’s “BRAINPAINT LIVE!” presentation with original musical composition “Caution: Wet Brain Paint” performed live by musician Noa Winter Lazerus.  Introductory lecture “Technology, Science and Consciousness” by Dr. Stephen Hoeller.

Season 2007/08:

Besant Lodge Presentations:

  • October 2007  A concert/workshop/salon presenting David Hykes of Harmonic Presence “Music from the Heart of the Cosmos,” with Randy Gloss, percussion followed by a “Harmonic Meeting of healing sounds, teachings: Creating a Tonal Temple” Los Angeles, California.
  • November 2007  A SOUND&VISION Salon and concert “The Transliterated Muse” featuring well-known artist and teacher, drummer Layne Redmond, Los Angeles, California.
  • December 2008 A salon presenting astrologer Frank Don

Introduced a new series called ARTMIND held at the c3 studio loft at the Brewery in Los Angeles, California.

  • November 2007 Bob Baker presents “How to Build A Successful Career in Music and the Arts” workshop.
  • June 2008 The Art of Book:  with Ja-lene Clark, book packager and agent workshop

Season 2009:

March 2009  Artmind:  The Business of Acting  with Casting Director Susan Johnston

April 2009,  Visions From the Edge:  The Future of Entertainment  with Ed Lantz

November 2009, IMMERSE IN THE FUTURE:  Arts, Media and Entertainment in the 21st Century, Summit at LA Center Studios, Los Angeles with keynote Futurist, Jerome Glenn. Served as Presenter and Executive Producer

Season 2010:

June 2010, STATE OF THE ARTS Day Long Symposium, LA Center Studios, Los Angeles as a participant in the citywide Arts Festival:  RING FEST LA.  Served as Presenter, Panel Moderator and Executive Producer.


November 2010, LEADERS CAUSING LEADER Conference, Long Beach, CA  Produced and Moderated Panel:  POSITIVE ARTS AND MEDIA LEADERSHIP, Panelist:

Season 2011:

March 2011, MUSIC, MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS:  AN INQUIRY Workshop with Diana Watson, Director of Education for UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior.  Los Angeles, CA  Executive Producer and Moderator.


June 2011, MINDFULNESS, NEUROSCIENCE AND CREATIVITY:  AN INTERACTIVE EXPLORATION workshop at UCLA’s MARC: Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, Co-Sponsor and Presenter, Los Angeles

August  2011, THE FUTURE OF STORY conference with Michael Weise Publishing, Executive Producer and Host, Los Angeles Center Studios,  Los Angeles, CA  Now it is the name of MWP newsletter.

September 2011, STATE OF THE ARTS 2011:  Producing Change with the Producers Guild of America New Media Council, Executive Producer, Host/Moderator, Los Angeles Center Studios, CA

November 2011, MIGRATIONS, Visual Music Concert and Performance, Executive Producer, Los Angeles Center Studios

Season 2012:

March 2012, Co-hosted “CONCEPTION DAY” with Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Shift Organization in association with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome.

May 2012, Hosted LA Future Salon featuring a talk by designer, author of the book “ONE,” Ray Podder in The Vortex Dome

June 2012, Hosted LA Future Salon featuring a talk on THE FUTURE OF CINEMA AND THE IMMERSIVE FULLDOME EXPERIENCE by CEO Vortex Immersion Media, Ed Lantz in The Vortex Dome

July 2012, Hosted LA Future Salon featuring a talk, “WEB DESIGN” by Adam West in The Vortex Dome

July 2012 Presented MANDALA 360 showcase with artists Paul Heussenstamm, Audri Phillips and Winter Lazerus

July 2012, AMPLIFY! ART fundraiser and The Vortex Dome artists’ showcase with special guest, Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method.

September 2012, STATE OF THE ARTS 2012: Amplify summit in association with the EMA:  Eletronic Music Association and Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

September 2012, c3: CreateLAB Produced and Presented “THE BLUE APPLE,” a 360 immersive ballet with director and choreographer, Stefan Wenta and visual artist Audri Phillips.  This production was funded by a grant to c3 from the Charles Evans Foundation and was produced in association with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

September 2012, c3: CreateLAB Presented the premiere performance of “BOLLYDOLL” with artist and musician Amrita Sen and composer, Anthony Marinelli in association with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

October 2012,  c3: CreateLAB Presented “MELTING RAINBOWS,” with visual artist Aaron Axelrod in association with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

November 2012, Presented a virtual panel discussion about the documentary, “CEASAR’S MESSIAH,” with filmmakers Nijole Sparkis and Fritz Heede in association with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

Season 2013:

January 2013, c3: CreateLAB Co-Presented “BOLLYDOLL” with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

February 2013, c3: CreateLAB Co-Presented “BOLLYDOLL” with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

March 2013, c3: CreateLAB Co-Presented “BOLLYDOLL” with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

April 2013, c3 served as a Participant and Sponsor of “THE SEVEN PILLARS JOURNEY OF WISDOM” transformance produced by The Seven Pillars House of Wisdom at the Bahi Center is Los Angeles

May 2013, c3: VisionLAB Co-Presented the talk: “VISIONS FROM THE EDGE:  GREENING THE GALAXY” with Howard Bloom

May 2013, c3 Founder Kate McCallum presented the keynote, “TRANSMEDIA, TRANSFORMATION AND THE FUTURE OF CONTENT” and a “TRANSMEDIA 101” workshop at the Asian Childrens’ Content Festival in Singapore

October 2013, c3 Founder Kate McCallum presented the talk “TRANSMEDIA, TRANSFORMATION AND THE FUTURE OF CONTENT as the 2013 Speaker for Western Michigan’s School of Communication’s “Distinguished Speaker Series.”  She was also awarded an Alumni Achievement Award by WMU, Kalamazoo, Michigan

October 2013, c3 served as a Co-Producer and Sponsor of “THE SEVEN PILLARS JOURNEY OF WISDOM” transformance produced by The Seven Pillars House of Wisdom in The Vortex Dome

October 2013, c3: CreateLAB Co-Presented “ULTRA IMMERSION:  DEEP, DEEPER, DEEPEST,” 360 immersion concert series with Steve Roach and Audri Phillips in association with Vortex Immersion Media in The Vortex Dome

December 2013, STATE OF THE ARTS 2013: THE FUTURE OF FULLDOME with IMERSA and THE MILLENNIUM PROJECT:  Immersive Media Education Research Science and Arts, The Vortex Dome

Season 2014:

March 2014, THE FUTURE OF ARTS, MEDIA AND CONSCIOUSNESS event in collaboration with The Club of Amsterdam and Felix Bopp.  A vitual event live streamed between the Vortex Dome and Amsterdam featuring speakers from Amsterdam and Los Angeles

December 2014, STATE OF THE ARTS 2014:  MINDFULNESS, WELLBEING, AND VIRTUAL WORLDS in collaboration with The Millennium Project held at Lotus Post in Santa Monica

Season 2015:

January 2015, Supported and co-hosted Create Now’s Digital Media Lab Showcase in The Vortex Dome for at risk youth

March 2015, Hosted Create Now and the State Department for a tech tour of well-known Middle-Eastern Artists who were on tour to visit unique high tech locations in LA.

March 2015, Co-hosted AIR SHEPHERD fundraising event to raise funds for drone use of elephant and rhino protection

July 2015, CEREMONY 360 arts+music concert series in The Vortex Dome with musician and composer James Hood.

November 2015, RELENTLESS UNIVERSE presentation for Red Bull Creative Conference after party and stand alone 360 arts+music concert performance with c3 AIR Audri Phillips and HaMan!

December 2015, STATE OF THE ARTS 2015:  VR FOR GOOD in collaboration with The Millennium Project held in the Vortex Dome at Los Angeles Center Studios

Season 2016: 

December 2016, STATE OF THE ARTS 2016:  A.I. FOR GOOD in collaboration with The Brink Institute and The Millennium Project held in the Vortex Dome at Los Angeles Center Studios.

Season 2017: 

February 2017, Co-Presnted SOKAMBA showcase in The Vortex Dome with Vortex Immersion Media

Season 2018: 

February 2018,  Presented VISIONS FROM THE EDGE: Envisioning Holograms: Design Breakthrough Experiences for Mixed Reality in The Vortex Dome at LA Center Studios with Mike Pell presenting talk on his book

March 2018,  Presented STATE OF THE FUTURE 2018 in The Vortex Dome with futurist and founder of The Millennium Project Jerome Glenn

March 2018,  Presented showcase of THE EVERYTHING NOTHING 360 fulldome show in progress with IAM Eve in The Vortex Dome

May 2018, Presented showcase of ROBOT PRAYERS 360 multi-media dome show in progress with Audri Phillips, Winter Lazerus and team in the Vortex Dome

July 2018, Co-Presented AIR: Artist In Residence, SOKAMBA in the Vortex Dome

July 2018, Presented c3 talk LOVE UNCENSORED with Eva Bitar in the Vortex Dome

October 2018, Presented a c3 salon A VERY HUMAN FUTURE book talk with Rohit Talwar, CEO Fast Future Publishing in the Vortex Dome

Season 2019

August 2019, sponsor support for the Sci-Art Exchange HUMANS IN SPACE YOUTH AWARDS program in The Vortex Dome

October 2019, sponsor support for a screening of the film ANGELBIRD, with fiscal sponsor project partner, Elizabeth Yochim

November 2019, sponsor support and curation for HIDDEN NO MORE event presented in The Vortex Dome and presented by the US State Department. A panel addressing new media tech was presented to a group of 60 women scientists from around the world.

Season 2020: 

January 2020, sponsor support for LOS ANGELES UNITED FOR AUSTRALIA music and arts fundraiser to support Australian non-profit charity to assist with fire disaster

March 2020, sponsor support for a showcase of photography and art, and a presentation of THE BEAUTY OF AFGHANISTAN from Fiscal Sponsor Project Partner Joanne Warfield

Season 2021: 

October 2020, c3 was a fiscal sponsor and producing partner for premiere of DOME FEST WEST held at the Costa Mesa Orange Coat College Planetarium.  The inaugaral 2021 c3 SPHERE OF LIGHT AWARD was granted to James Hood for BEAUTIFICA.

Season 2022:

October 2022, c3 partners to produce DOME FEST WEST 2022.  2021 c3  Sphere of Light Award tbd.


** From The Southern California Writers’ Conference Website:

Blast to the Future Past

“2014 marks the 10th anniversary of our “Storytelling and the Future of Content” (accurate title: “New Story Paradigm and the Future of Content”) event that was SCWC*LA4. Our one and only event held in Manhattan Beach, it’s where we accurately identified the forthcoming technological trends, conceits and opportunities lying just a smidge ahead for writers of the time; introduced them to the concept of transmedia storytelling, of it’s intrinsic value and virtually limitless possibilities. Then we drilled in deeper to explore what then-available tools and strategies could be called upon to better forge the way to success.

We did it long before it became trendy among writers’ conferences. We continued to when it did, but always with our eye on the outer edge of the envelope; the telling crest of the incoming tide.

Several conferees’ first published books came out of that conference, and while preparing to introduce a new iteration of the website (coming soon), we came across the following copy written for it. An excerpt from our archives, I believed it when I wrote it then. I believe as I read it today. My hope is that you do too.

The world has changed. Or have we changed the world? As writers, change is the very fabric of our existence. As storytellers, our charge is to engage the audience with tales of characters overcoming obstacles that result in purposeful change. Regardless of genre, from international thrillers to intimate portraits of personal transformation, our stories offer visceral validation of who we are, or who we are not, or who we most aspire to be.

Transformational media and the newly modern storyteller is what the [SCWC] is about. The elevated awareness of conscious creativity, coupled by an exponentially expanding transmedia marketplace — from movies and interactive entertainment to graphic novels and print on demand — has afforded writers and media makers today more opportunities to reach the audience of their choice than at any other time. For the committed author whose will is to positively impact lives, to entertain and inspire, to evoke and enthrall with words, these are indeed the best of times…

Taisen Deshimaru once said that “Time is not a line, but a series of now points.” Well the time is now… Now is the time for you to write!

That was back in 2004. Thankfully, how some things never change. Craft matters.”

Michael Steven Gregory, Executive Director, SCWC