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c3: CreateLAB is the project R&D and performance arm of the c3.  Artists and content creators are provided with the opportunity to explore the world of the immersive 360 fulldome space in The Vortex Dome through a special arrangement and generosity of sponsor Vortex Immersion Media.  The Vortex Dome has also provided space to artists for traditional film screenings, concerts and workshops.

The c3 has designed a special AIR: Artists In Residence Program in partnership with Vortex Immersion Media to allow artists to evolve their skills in the execution and creation of 360 fulldome visuals and performances.

In October 2013 c3 presented a trilogy of immersive music and art concerts with Steve Roach and Audri Phillips called ULTRA IMMERSION:  DEEP, DEEPER, DEEPEST in The Vortex Dome.   To view photos visit Steve’s website.

Steve Roach Concert

In 2012 the c3 was granted a generous donation awarded to choreographer, director and dancer, Stefan Wenta, and visual artist, Audri Phillips, for the production of  THE BLUE APPLE, an immersive 360 multi-media ballet dance piece.  The world premiere of this ballet took place in September 2012.

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A video of THE BLUE APPLE is available of the piece and a trailer of the ballet can be viewed here on You Tube.

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BollyDoll is a live music and dance piece with live 360 visuals created by artist and musician Amrita Sen and composer Anthony Marinelli which was workshopped in The Vortex Dome and premiered on September 2012 at the STATE OF THE ARTS 2012 event.  It  was then performed three additional dates in The Vortex Dome in 2013.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.32.30 AM

MELTING RAINBOWS, a 360 film and live performance experience  created by visual artist Aaron Axelrod which was premiered in The Vortex Dome October 2012.  See trailer here on You Tube

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.50.42 AM

MIGRATIONS, an immersive 360 live music 360 immersive music and visuals experience with composer No’a Winter Lazerus and visual artist Audri Philips was workshopped and performed in The Vortex Dome on November 2011.

Migrations Sensed

Dr. Veera Asher premiered the first c3: CreateLAB project in 2010 called TWO VISIONS, ONE VOICE with Bridge Dance League, featured in the photos below:



Why fulldome?  Here’s an interesting brief on the state of the business.
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