Conscious Media Visionaries

Conscious Media Visionaries
The Conscious Media Visionaries is bringing together the top-thinkers in the entertainment industry for a two-and-half-day groundbreaking think tank to discuss and plan — “The Future of the Conscious Media Marketplace: Return on Inspiration, Insight and Investment”.

It is well documented that media has mental, emotional, physical and energetic impacts on the viewer.  Conscious Media is entertainment that has a positive impact.  It makes the world a healthier place on an individual and communal level.

Hollywood needs to become more aware that there is an untapped market for entertainment with heart and soul.  The audience is over 100 million American consumers and numbers are even larger in Europe and Asia. Their demand is for positive, conscious content. Now is the time for the industry to work together mindfully and strategically to support and maximize this exciting opportunity.

It is the mission of the Conscious Media Visionaries to make this collaboration happen.  We will gather 64 top entertainment industry professionals, across eight stakeholder groups, in order to create a robust future for conscious media which is beneficial, entertaining and profitable.

Working together we will:

  • accelerate the growth of the Conscious Media Industry
  • help catalyze a positive shift in consciousness
  • stimulate jobs and careers within the entertainment and related industries
  • maximize revenue potential from positive and inspired content

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