c3 to participate in LA city-wide Arts Festival

In 2010 LA Opera will produce Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle, a four part presentation of dramatic music. Just as Wagner’s originally conceived Ring festival in Bayreuth Germany involved the whole town in a celebration of the arts, the LA Opera has invited 50 arts organizations across Los Angeles to participate in this production. c3 is proud to be one of these organizations and has been encouraged to explore Wagner from a Conscious Creative perspective.

c3‘s original inspiration came in part from the Florentine Camerata Society, a group of artists, philosophers and humanists, who, in the late 1500s commissioned the first opera in an effort to create a multi-dimensional transformational experience which integrated all the available art forms of the time.
Similarly, Wagner set out to go beyond “opera” and art as entertainment,  to create a new kind of transformational experience with his concept of dramatic music, fully embodied in the Ring Cycle.
In addition, Wagner’s myth for man expressed in the work, encourages the birth of a new human, i.e, a human who takes his rightful place as conscious creator of reality amidst the demise of the old gods and the end of the dominion of gold. Apropos themes for our times and for the core mission of c3.
We are excited about this opportunity and have begun brainstorming on how we can explore a 21st century vision of Gesamtkunstwerk – Wagner’s German word meaning “total work of art,” describing the integration of all the currently available arts.
As the opera commences the first two productions of the series, we are looking forward to this spectacle unfolding.  In these times of perceived scarcity and fear based thinking, we believe it is particularly important to focus on the power of creativity, abundantly available all around us.
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