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James Hood


James Hood is renowned as a vital and versatile musical pioneer. His lengthy and varied musical resumé includes playing drums in The Pretenders, an ongoing two-decades-plus run as mastermind of the visionary ambient/electronica act Moodswings, and an expansive array of production and soundtrack projects. 

In 2014, James launched the album Ceremony, an exploration of a uniquely mesmeric melodic instrument – the PanArt Hang. The “sonic incense” of this recording spoke to fans of ambient artists such as Brian Eno, Phillip Glass and those seeking a peaceful time-slowing soundtrack. Ceremony was a resounding success, introducing tens of thousands of listeners to a compelling sonic experience, and reaching #1 on World and New Age charts in US and Canada.  James repeated that success once again with the release of Pure Ceremony in 2015.

The story now continues with the global release of James third album, Mesmerica.  This new two disc album finds James further deepening his sonic explorations, adding additional instrumentation and rhythmic textures to his now signature soundscapes.

Fritz Heede

fritz-heede_guitarFritz Heede is a Los Angeles-based music composer/producer and multi-instrumentalist who weaves eastern and western influences and electronica into dramatic and evocative works. He is best known for his music for feature films and television specials like NBC’s Emmy winning Mystery of the Sphinx where he worked with Charlton Heston. This launched his Egyptian period that lead him to go to Giza and record in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and more recently the SyFy Event Aliens On The Moon.

He is an accomplished guitarist having specialized in electric guitar and flamenco guitar. He is competent with the Indian sitar and the Turkish saz and has skills with exotic hand drum percussion. Though, he works mainly with piano and electronic keyboards, he prefers to incorporate acoustic instruments in his music for their organic articulations.

Fritz performed with the World music ensemble Mystic Journey for five years and has worked with notable artists like Jon Anderson of YES. Most recently he has teamed up with Sangeeta Kaur and is featured on her new album and Mantra Opera Show Niguma.

Michael Perricone Michael Perricone

Michael Perricone is a Master Tibetan Singing Bowl Artist and musician. He has performed at the Hammer, MOCA, Fowler Museums, yoga studios, private retreats and festivals, and for several movies and internet sites. He is the recording artist and producer of Savasana Bowls Live, Journey of Seven Bowls, Sacred Bowls and Diana Winstons’ Mindfulness Meditation CD series, and Jahna’s “Into the Mindful Wild” album. He is also former owner and CEO of Lotus Post, the highest rated post facility on the west side (imdb).

Jahna Perricone, CMF

Jahna Perricone, CMF, is a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and part of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. She is also an accomplished singer and voice teacher who has uncovered a resilient ability to focus, create and perform through her personal Mindful Meditation practice. She is Director of Mindfulness Programs at C3, Center for Conscious Creatives; a node for the Millennium Project, and has been leading Mindfulness classes and events through collaborations with MARC at UCLA, Loyola Marymount College, The Fowler Museum, Sonic Sunday events as well as private retreats and multiple private group settings. ‘Spring Into Mindfulness! A Beginners Guide to Mindful Meditation’ is featured on popular online sites and she is releasing her mindful music album, ‘Into The Mindful Wild’ this fall. She is the creator and founder of m2: An Immersion Into Music and Mindfulness.

Vocal Instructor/UCLA Certified Mindfulness Instructor
Director of c3 Mindfulness Programs
’Spring Into Mindfulness’

SoulSong Artist
Lifted Music V:

Audri Phillips

Audri Phillips is a visualist/3d animator based out of Los Angeles with a wide range of experience that includes over 25 years working in the visual effects/entertainmnet industry in studios such as Sony, Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain, Disney and Dreamworks feature animation. Starting out as a painter she was quickly drawn to time based art. Always interested in using new tools she has been a pioneer of using computer animation/art in experimental film work including immersive performances. Now she has taken her talents into the creation of VR. Samsung recently curated her work into their new Gear Indie Milk VR channel.

Her latest immersive work/animations includes; Her latest immersive work/animations includes; multi-media animations for “Implosion a Dance Festival” 2015, Full dome Concerts in the Vortex Immersion Dome, “Relentless Universe”, “Alive at the Vortex” with the well known composer/musician Steve Roach. “Migrations” in which she collaborated with composer No’a Winter Lazerus and Blue Apple in which she collaborated with Stefan Wenta, choreographer. She also created animated content for the dome for the TV series, “Constantine” shown at the 2014 Comic-Con convention. Several of her Fulldome pieces, Migrations and Relentless Beauty have been juried into “Currents” The Santa Fe International New Media Festival and Jena Full dome Festival in Germany

Her work has also been shown at such places as; The Young Projects Gallery, The Los Angeles Film Forum at the Egyptian Theater, Imersa Summit,Siggraph Animation Festival, Full Dome Festival, Siggraph Video Review, Not Still Art Film Festival, with the Louise Reichlin Dance company and others. Besides numerous galleries her paintings have been shown in Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” video, The Beastie Boys, “Shadrach”(which she also art directed) and “Whatsupwitu” an Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson animated video(which she also art directed), and Konchalosky’s “Shy People”.

She writes online content and a blog for Intel. Audri is an Adjunct professor at Woodbury University, a founding member of the Los Angeles Abstract Film Group, founder of the Hybrid Reality Studio(dedicated to creating VR content) a board member of the Iota Center and she is also an exhibiting member of the LA Art Lab. In 2011, Audri became an AIR:  Artist in Residence of Vortex Immersion Media and the c3: CreateLAB.

Winter Lazeruswinter-lazerus-in-garden-1-7-2016

Lazerus is a Grammy-nominated, 12-time multi-gold and platinum award-winning record producer, composer, artist, musician, and mastering/mix engineer. His early work includes the recording of Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly which was nominated for seven Grammy Awards. He has worked with diverse artists such as Micheal Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Pink Floyd and Clint Eastwood. Winter works out of his studio in Beachwood Canyon, Voice of the Silence, and hosts innovative art, consciousness and community events at Besant Lodge. He has worked globally on creative projects from Manhattan to Paris, Iceland to Ireland. His current focus involves work in Virtual Reality, Immersive Domes and Augmented Reality. He has a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies and is currently completing a novel, a song-cycle, an opera, and a biography about his struggle and success in understanding and resolving a life-long condition called Hashimoto’s Disease.

bp-2-julyBill Pullman

Actor, Bill Pullman started acting professionally in New York Theater in 1983, and shortly after began his film career that currently spans over seventy features and several television series.  

Bill is most recently seen in Independence Day: Resurgence, and Brother Nature (Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan).  Scheduled for release are LBJ (with Woody Harrelson), Battle of the Sexes (with Emma Stone and Steve Carell) and Trouble (with Angelica Houston). Bill has recently shot The Ballad of Lefty Brown (with Tommy Flanagan, Peter Fonda), Walking Out (with Matt Bomer), and a pilot for USA network, The Sinner (with Jessica Biel).


bradwallacedesign-logo-2 Brad Wallace

“Paint in the air, fight zombie hordes, live inside a computer game, or stand at the bottom of the sea – I can bring these experiences to you. Provide me with a 10′ x 10′ empty space at your corporate event or in your living room and I’ll put a light saber in your hand so you can deflect laser beams. If guns and lasers are not your thing, I can put you on an 18 hole course playing mini-golf or let you walk like a giant through New York City.”

VR is experienced one person at a time for 3 to 30 minute increments. That lucky person will wear a virtual reality headset that will certainly mess up their hair and makeup but they will be so amazed that none of that will matter.

Brad Wallace has a hard earned degree in dabbling from the Dabologna Institute. He received a degree of far less importance from an astonishingly prominent and expensive school that his parents now regret having paid for. He was a filmmaker for 15 years before quitting in disgust and moving on to dabbling in all things involving the lonesome computer arts. Graphics, photography, web design, virtual reality, effects/animation, apps and dark electronic music are his current freelancements.
Check out his portfolio

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