Alice Billman – Program Director

The c3 welcomes Alice Billman to the role of Program Director.  She will be working on securing grants and creating new programs for the c3 to execute.

Like all c3 team players, Alice brings a wealth of interdisciplinary skills with a passion to promote art, science and culture to elevate community and global consciousness. As an artist first and foremost, the negotiation of space, timing, awareness, musicality and grace impressed indelible and transferrable skills into her work as an Executive Director making every program, event and collaboration a well-executed, memorable performance. For twenty-five years, her agency successfully used both cutting edge and ancient arts as a platform for programs fulfilling community needs and inspired participants to live empowered through newly discovered expression. Alice is thrilled to support c3 in their efforts to incentivize, educate and inspire humanity with art, socially responsible projects and innovative media.