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The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity is a 501(c)(3) non profit arts, education, research, project development and presenting organization.  Since 2004, we have provided innovative artists, media makers, content creators, and futurists, platforms and resources to create diverse projects to explore how creativity, storytelling and emerging technologies can advance human consciousness, create social impact, and build a brighter future.


The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity was officially founded in October of 2004.  Kate McCallum, Founder, and Philip Horvath, Co-Founder, met while attending the UPR: University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles in pursuit of Masters Degrees.  Kate in Consciousness Studies, and Philip in Transformational Psychology. Synchronistically, they were also both employed at Universal Studios at the time.  Upon sharing their mutual visions of their belief in the power of creativity, arts and media to transform, they teamed up to launch the c3.  

In 2009, the c3 partnered with The Millennium Project, a global futurist think tank to collaborate on STATE OF THE ARTS, an event featuring artists and creators working in emerging media tech for social impact.

Click here for a more detailed timeline and list of the c3 activities.

The New Story Paradigm & The Future of Content Southern California WritersWriters Conference 
Myth & MeaningIT Magazine Salon Lecture
Painter Speaks on PaintingJoshua Elias @ The BrewerySalon Lecture
The Future of ConsciousnessInstitute of Global Transformation Conference Presentation
The Harmony ChannelComcast Cable Sponsor
The Science of Peace Institute for Noetic Sciences  Video Shoot for Series Concept
From Jerusalem to CordobaDaniel Pearl FoundationConcert 
Transformational Power of Art & Media  Dragonfly NowConference Moderator/Panel
A Celebration of Oneness  Dragonfly NowConference/Concert
Transformational Power of Art & Media  World Affairs Council and Communities of the FutureConference Presenter
Transformational Power of Sound &VisionBesant Lodge Salon 
Creative Ecstasy Besant LodgePerformance
Art and the Altering of ConsciousnessBesant LodgeSalon
Ritual PathDr. Stephen HoellerLecture
Ritual PathFritz Heede/John BanksScreening 
Ritual Path Noa Winter LazerusPerformance
Hanub Ku Screening/PerformanceDwight LoopScreening/Concert
The Mayan MythDr. Stephen HoellerLecture
Brainpaint LiveBill ScottConcert/Lecture
Technology, Science & ConsciousnessDr. Stephen HoellerLecture
Music From the Heart of the CosmosHarmonic Presence Inc.Concert/Workshop
Creating a Tonal TempleRandy GlossWorkshop
The Transliterated MuseLayne RedmondConcert/Workshop
ArtmindFrank DonSalon Lecture
How to Build a Career in Music & ArtsBob BakerEducation Workshop
The Art of BookJa-lene ClarkEducation Workshop
State of the Arts 2009Millennium ProjectAnnual Symposium
The Business of ActingSusan JohnstonEducation Lecture
The Future of EntertainmentVortex ImmersionEducation Lecture
Immerse in the FutureRing Fest LA/Millennium ProjectPanelist/Fundraiser  
State of the Arts 2010LA Center Studios Arts Summit/Festival
Global Arts and MediaMillennium ProjectConference Presenter
Leaders Causing Leaders   Positive Arts & MediaConference Presenter
State of the Arts 2011Producers Guild of AmericaAnnual Symposium
Future VisionMillennium ProjectThink Tank
Music, Meditation & MindfulnessUCLA’s (MARC)Workshop
The Power of Media in Social ChangeGlobal Social Change Film FestivalPanel and Fundraiser
Mindfulness, Neuroscience & CreativityUCLA (MARC)Interactive Workshop
The Future of StoryMichael Weise PublishingConference
Migrations LA Center Studios Concert/Performance
State of the Arts 2012Electronic Music AllianceAnnual Symposium
Conception DayShift OrganizationSymposium/ Performances
OneRay PodderEducational Lecture
Cinema & The Immersive FutureVortex ImmersionInteractive Lecture
Web DesignAdam WestEducation Seminar
MandalaPaul, Phillips & LazerusArtists Showcase
AmplifyCrystal MethodConcert Fundraiser
Blue AppleCharles Evans FoundationDome Performance
BollydollAmrita Sen & Anthony MarineliDome Performance
Melting RainbowsAaron Axelrod Dome Performance
Ceasar’s MessiahVortex ImmersionPanel
State of the Arts 2013Millennium ProjectAnnual Symposium
FutureVision 2013IndependentAward Event
Bollydoll SeriesAmrita Sen & Anthony Marinelli Dome Monthly Performances
7 Pillars Journey of WisdomBahi CenterDome Transformance Event/Concert
Visions From the EdgeHoward BloomLecture
Transmedia 101Asian Children’s FoundationKeynote Speaker
Transmedia & the Future of ContentWestern Michigan University School of CommunicationKeynote Speaker/Awardee
7 Pillars Journey of WisdomIndependentTransformance
Ultra ImmersionVortex ImmersionDome Performance
State of the Arts 2014Millennium Project Annual Symposium
Future of Arts, Media & Consciousness Club of AmsterdamVirtual Presentation/Event
Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Virtual Worlds Vortex ImmersionConference
FutureVision 2014Center for Mindfulness UCSDAnnual Award Event
State of the Arts 2015Millennium ProjectAnnual Symposium
FutureVisionEmblematic GroupAward Event
Digital Media LabCreate NowAt Risk Youth 360 Dome Lab
Cal Arts Student ShowcaseCal Arts/Vortex Immersion MediaDome Arts Showcase
Diplomacy Tech Tour for ArtistsCreate Now & State DepartmentDome Arts Showcase
Exchange ExchangeMedia Networking Event
Air ShepardVortex ImmersionPresentation & Fundraiser
Ceremony 360Vortex ImmersionDome Performance
Relentless UniverseRed Bull Creative EventDome Performance
State of the Arts 2016 The Brink Institute December Annual Symposium
Sokamba  Vortex Immersion Dome Performance
Visions from the Edge   Mike Pell Book Lecture
State of the Arts 2018The Millennium Project Annual Symposium
Everything of NothingIAM Eve Dome Performance
Robot Prayers   Audri Phillips, Winter LazerusDome Performance
Sokamba II  Vortex ImmersionDome Performance
Love Uncensored   Eva Bitar Educational Lecture
A Very Human FutureFast Future Publishing Book Lecture
Humans in Space   Sci-Art Exchange  Awards Showcase for Youth              
Hidden No More US State Department Panel for International Women Scientists
United For Australia Vortex Immersion Dome Concert Fundraiser
The Beauty of AfghanistanJoanne Warfield Dome Photography Showcase
Dome Fest West  
Dome Fest West