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Water Day Symposium – 3WDS14

Water Wheel ProgramFROM 17-23 MARCH 2014, more than 200 people from 5 continents will present their latest work about water. Children, youth, communities, TED talkers, scientists, activists and artists will interact with audience online and in 18 nodes (physical venues) in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, USA, Taiwan & Tunisia. The entire symposium will be streamed online via Waterwheel platform for audiences to watch and interact from their own computers anywhere in the world, free of charge!

WATER VIEWS: CARING AND DARING is this year’s symposium theme. The program is composed of 42 sessions, caters to all time zones, and focuses on art, science and activism. It explores questions about how we are living, and will continue to live, with water and its contrasts. Demands for new perceptions and approaches to water management, urban planning, and cooperation, as well as renewed respect for water as a vital resource and shared heritage are highlighted through transdisciplinary approaches.
Waterwheel was created two and a half years ago, by an Australian team – Inkahoots, Igneous and Suzon Fuks who initiated the platform on the basis of her main interests: water issues and “networked performance” or performance on the internet that uses mass communication tools. Fuks is a Brisbane-based experimental artist, choreographer and director, committed to making and developing art that examines, reflects upon, and helps us survive today’s disjointed worlds. Originally from Belgian where water is in abundance, she became aware of the issues and politics around water in the early 90’s after living for three years in a place in India where access to water regulated life. When she moved to Brisbane, Australia she witnessed the impact of severe drought for several years and then big floods in the city. These events led her to conceive Waterwheel which she initially researched and developed with a fellowship from Australia Council for the Arts. It has been formulated as an ongoing project open to all, for cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural water-related dialogues and exchanges around the globe.

Water Wheel World FlyerThe Waterwheel platform is built on water vocabulary evoking the parallel between the theme of water and the Internet. The metaphoric interrelation between the planetary currents of water and the electronic transference of data and communication is one of the key aspects which attracted me to the platform, first as a user and audience and eventually as crew. When people enter the site they encounter words and visual signs like fountain, tap, crew and dock, which give them an idea how to use the platform. Visitors are encouraged to upload and share media which is soon after reflected in the ripples of the central fountain where it can be accessed and viewed. Overall, Waterwheel offers a participatory and holistic experience of water based on the awareness that wherever one maybe in the world, he/she is part of the same environmental tides, sharing the water of one Earth.

This year’s symposium will open with a performance by Ulay, renowned artist from Slovenia – who previously worked with Marina Abramovic – followed by a performance by internationally acclaimed Singaporean artist, Jason Lim. Children and youth will have their say amongst adults in sessions such as Activism, Art and Science, Sea Level Rise, and Art and Ecology. Curator Keti Haliori from Athens has done a stunning job with “Ask the Flask” project, where youth from water-scarce countries exchange their life experiences with youth from water-abundant countries, and collaborate in making art projects. The live forum format will enable discussions between presenters and audience online and onsite which will follow every session. People will be able to comment and ask questions to leaders and experts. Indeed, for the “Visual narratives” session, guest speaker, Angela Morelli, a TED talker, will explain how science, art and design can help to convey important ideas such as virtual water, and its imprint on food.

Principally, the symposium is a performative event. Performances with dancers, musicians, sound designers, circus and live art performers, will entertain and provoke at times. “Some will be world premieres and experiment with new mobile technology, such as Bay Requiem with a crew from San Francisco and Speak 4.0 Liquid from Buenos Aires. Two TED Fellows will exchange between continents a flurry of whitepaper vessels in Ocean Synapse. The symposium finale, with the Ear to the Earth node in NY, will reach its celebratory peak with Hydrosonics Lab in a global jam by high calibre musicians,” concludes Suzon Fuks.


http://bit.ly/3WDS14-program (Spanish & French)

ADDRESS OF THE DAY: to view the Symposium, open your browser, go to:
http://water-wheel.net/tap & click the top-most Symposium link.

Twitter: @the_waterwheel #3WD14

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