Rick Pinckert

Rick PinckertRick Pinckert is an Information Technology expert with a strong cultural and counter-cultural background. He is currently serving as a Production Manager and IT Strategist for Vortex Immersion Media, an immersive entertainment company that specializes in interactive media experiences, projection mapping and the fulldome format. Rick’s prior position was as Network Administrator, at the USC Annenberg School for Communication where he administered 20 virtual servers and managed the Distance Learning Technical and Video Conferencing programs. In addition, he held a decision-making role for faculty and students evaluating new technology for internet content. He also served as a Director of Technical Services at USC’s Advanced Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Center, where he directed and supervised IT technical support teams. Rick has also served as strategic adviser for Empowerment Works, Global Summit and Leaders Causing Leaders, Leaders Shift Conference. He recently joined the board of c3: Center for Conscious Creativity. As CEO of Remarkable Enterprises, Rick is working with a team to create a mobile applications for Ninth Heaven Entertainment.

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