Dana Klisanin – Executive Director c3:MindLAB

Dana KlisaninThe c3: MindLAB is a research and project development Lab focused on emerging findings in creativity and innovation theory, neuroscience, consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology and integral studies in relationship to the arts, media and communication technologies and their use to create and drive solutions for evolving human potential and cultural evolution.

DANA KLISANIN is passionate about using the arts, media, and technology to encourage people to recognize their essential interdependence with the natural world, each other, and their own divine essence. As an author, psychologist, and social entrepreneur, Dana is committed to creating, promoting, and assisting in the development of media that encourages people to live consciously. To facilitate that end, she has pioneered a new “integral media” framework for the creation of “conscious media” __ media designed to support conscious evolution and the societal emergence of planetary consciousness. The conscious media model supports a global renaissance of human values and a profound shift in our relationship with the natural world.
Dana earned her Ph.D. in psychology from Saybrook University. She is the author of numerous articles and is a frequent presenter at conferences throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. Her research interests arise from the fields of systems science, integral theory, and transpersonal psychology. Dana is the Founder of Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc, a think-tank and creative cauldron devoted to the design and evaluation, of conscious media, socially responsible media, green media, and transformative media.
As Executive Director of the c3:MindLAB Dana focuses on bringing emerging findings in creativity and innovation theory, consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, and integral studies into synergistic relationship with the arts, media and communication technologies for the purpose of creating and driving solutions for evolving human potential and cultural evolutionDana is a member of the American Psychological Association; Association of Transpersonal Psychology; International Society for the Systems Sciences; World Futures Studies Federation; World Future Society; and the UK Systems Society.

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