State of the Arts 2012

Artists & Participants

This year’s STATE OF THE ARTS features a variety of artists and musicians, many involved in the creation of immersive experiences.


Michael Perricone – Tibetan Bells WGA, CAS Born an entrepreneur, Michael started his first company in high school. While playing guitar and bass in local bands he noticed the need for quality sound reinforcement in the area, so he launched Random Noise Sound Company. In college he decided to make sound his profession, switching majors and eventually moving to Hollywood.

Upon arrival, Michael took an assisting job in a 24-track studio and within a year became a mixer for major film and television music. Since then he’s recorded everyone from Joe Walsh and Alice Cooper to Johnny Mathis and Kermit the Frog. He also found a home in orchestral recording, becoming the scoring mixer for the run of several T.V. series. Not content with just music, he branched out into sound design for TV and film. He has sound edited, supervised or mixed on over three hundred hours of television and dozens of feature films.

Breaking out on his own in 1980, he worked independently until he took the role of Studio Manager at KSR Studios in Hollywood in 1982. While at the Hollywood-and-Vine location, he doubled the revenues of the facility by expanding services and implementing new technologies.

In 1985 he co-founded Interlock Studios in Hollywood, grew it into a 10,000 square-foot facility, billing over $1 Million per year and built a staff that topped out at 25 employees. A great manager of people and talent, he ran Interlock successfully for 17 years until he sold the company in 2002. It’s now called Larson Sound and remains successful today.

While running Interlock, he delved into another passion he’s always had, writing. His screenwriting credits include produced episodes of Paramount’s “Star Trek: Voyager”, Disney’s “In a Heartbeat”, Spelling’s “Savannah” and “Charmed”, the latter two for which he was on staff as Story Editor and Executive Story Editor respectively.

Michael also produced records in every genre, some making varied charts. James Arthur Johnson’s “Too Much is Never Enough” made it to number 4 on the dance charts. Billy Ray Austin made it to number 63 on the country charts. DivAria made it to number 4 on the classical charts of, and Jahna’s “Flower Duet from Lakmé was the number one download on iTunes from the “L Word: the Third Season” soundtrack.  Since selling Interlock, he’s returned to mixing. Recent music projects include surround mixing for Ben Harper, Diamond Rio, Jason Aldean, Megadeth and ZZ Top, among others.  In 2003, Michael became Director of Audio Post for Threshold Sound +Vision in Santa Monica, a position he held for 6 years.

In 2009 and in conjunction with David Marcus, Michael launched his newest facility, Lotus Post, a 6000 square-foot 6-studio sound and video facility in the heart of the Media District in Santa Monica, CA. There he supervised and mixed movies like “Hit and Run” (starring Dax Shepard. Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper and released in 2800 theaters domestically), “Division III” and the “Victim”.

He is also the president and founder of Omstream, a successful online music destination site.  Recent film projects include co-producing and mixing for “Y Yoga Movie” along with screenwriting, mixing and music composition for “Pass the Baton.”
Ken Scott has been creating art using computers since the 1970’s.  Ken creates animated music videos – he calls them “chaotics” – using software that he wrote himself.  His software, which has evolved over the past 30 years, allows him to choreograph and weave his animations into virtually any piece of music, creating works of visual music unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Ken creates chaotics for fulldome and standard video from his studio in San Jose, California.  He licenses his chaotics through his production company, Digital Chaotics.

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Joanne Warfield – Photographer began her photography studies under Brett Weston in Monterey, California.  A visit to Ansel Adams’ studio deepened her appreciation of photography and fostered a life-long commitment to the art.  In the 1990s (after decades as a fine-art dealer, gallerist, and art consultant) photography became her #1 passion and career. She immediately began experimenting with Polaroid film and many alternative processes. This work was published in a book titled “Polaroid Manipulations” by Kathleen Carr, Amphoto Books. She was Director of Exhibitions for Women in Photography International for several years and has exhibited her work in galleries nationwide. Her award-winning photography has appeared on television and has been featured in many online Art publications.
At the core of Joanne’s impressionistic visual landscape imagery is a search into the unspoken language of the soul.  For her, creating art and “painting with light” is a vehicle for that expression.  In a recent exhibition of these images (April 2012) on a 23-story-tall electronic billboard in Times Square she stated her “Spiritual Mission Statement” to the world: “I want to usher soul wrenching Beauty back into our world, the kind of Beauty that makes one want to weep or break out in joyous laughter and celebrate.  Not the fickle trickery of seductive glamor that quickly fades with trends, but a deep lasting Beauty that makes us human. I want to open the mind’s eye and the heart in the process.”
Warfield states that “Spirituality has always been at the core of my life and work. I believe that ‘transcendental’ art can effect what I call Visual Healing, providing an antidote to the ‘visual violence’ infecting our world today. I strive to create images that will inspire, uplift, and heal.”
Visual Healing is Joanne’s current commitment to bringing new spiritual awareness of deep Beauty into the world. Her will serve as a platform for interviews and articles on Beauty, Esoteric Sight, Colors as Vitamins, Nourishment through Light, and a greater understanding that it is true beauty that makes us human.

Michelle DeMello’s work spans abstract expressionism, mixed media, performance, installation art and poetry.  Much of her work is series-based, using a thematic starting point to catalogue and mine deep aspects of each issue.  She uses art to challenge what political theorists have called ‘ideologically frozen conceptions’, societal beliefs and dogmas that are perpetuated by our social and cultural institutions. She challenges traditional notions of commoditization, storytelling, feminism, and notions of love with paradox, mysticism, symbolism and allegory.

Her intention is to bringing healing and transformation to humanity, through tuning into the needs of the collective consciousness, and bringing forward the shadow aspects of the self into the light, unifying fragmented aspects of the psyche and the soul into whole.  Her process is influenced by shamanic and ancient yogic practice which she integrates into the contemporary design of her work. A global citizen of the world, Michelle DeMello has Indian/Chinese roots, born in Manchester, England and raised in Vancouver, Canada.  Her art is in private collections all over the world and is also used for healing.



Stefan Wenta – Dance Choreographer

Principle dancer and choreographer of Warsaw’s National Opera & Ballet, partner of Paris Opera Ballet’s prima ballerinas Yvette Chavvire and Lycette Darsonvol.  He has gone on world tours of India, Asia, Indonesia, South America and Africa as the principle dancer of Fokine Ballets with French Theatre D’Art Du Ballet.  Artistic director and choreographer of Western Ballet of Los Angeles.  Professor at Cal Arts:  Master classes of European Dance Culture at UCLA.  Artistic director and founder of Wenta Ballet of Los Angeles. Author, director and choreographer for Polish TV, music and theater.   Choreographer for MGM and 20th Century Fox (LOGAN’S RUN, FANTASTIC VOYAGE, OUR MAN FLINT and for Warren Beatty’s REDS).  Creator and Choreographer, Director THE BLUE APPLE, a 360 Immersive Dance Experience.


Audri Phillips – Visual Artist

Audri Phillips is a visual poet/artist based out of Los Angeles.  Starting out as a painter she was quickly drawn to time based art. Always interested in using new tools she has been a pioneer of using computer animation/art in experimental film work. She enjoys creating  animations and paintings for single screen, multi screen, immersive environments, dance performances, performance spoken word (VJ Style), stereo projection and print.

Her  work has been shown at such places as; The Young Projects Gallery, The Los Angeles Film Forum at the Egyptian Theater, Siggraph  Animation Festival,  Siggraph Video Review, Not Still Art Film Festival, with the Louise Reichlin Dance company  and others. Besides numerous galleries  her paintings have been shown in  Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” video, The Beastie Boys, “Shadrach”(which she also art directed) and “Whatsupwitu” an Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson animated video(which she also art directed), and Konchalosky’s “Shy People”.

Audri has worked  for over 20 years as an artist/digital artist in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Besides giving her credits on numerous feature films  working in the entertainment industry has given her a knowledge of  computer animation/visual effects that she has been able to use to advantage in her visual poetry work.  She has worked  at such major studios as Disney Feature Animation, Sony Imageworks,  DreamWorks Feature Animation, Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain, and Electronic Arts as well as a number of small design boutiques.  Her production experience includes art direction/design/visual development /storyboards/color and lighting/efx/layout/modeling/compositing.

Currently, as well as her visual poetry work, she writes online content and a blog for Intel.  Audri is an Adjunct professor at Woodbury University,  a founding member of the Los Angeles Abstract Film Group, a board member of the Iota Center and she is also an exhibiting member of the LA Art Lab.  In 2011 Audri became a resident artist of Vortex Immersion Media and the c3: CreateLAB.

Audri and Stefan are recipients of a Grant through the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity to create a special 360 Immersive Dome Experience called THE BLUE APPLE.  They will be showcasing a portion of the piece during the event.



BollyDoll was created by visual artist and singer Amrita Sen.  You may remember Amrita from the performance of “Jai Ho” at the 2009 Academy Awards, where she preformed the winning song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire with music legend AR Rahman.  Since then, Amrita has released records with Weezer, Timbaland, Pitbull, and Ozomoti, among many other collaborators.  Amrita has written and performed multiple movie and film titles with her signature Bollywood vocals, including the title track for the NBC sitcom “Outsourced.”  You can hear Amrita in various commercials and campaigns including Honda, Jaguar and Sprite.  Amrita, who is also a trained visual artist, debuted her illustrations in last year’s Art Basel in Miami Beach, sponsored by Illy Coffee and presented by Timbaland.  Amrita’s art starts with hand sketches and oftentimes paint.  Her illustrations tell the story of a world filled with music and art and draw inspiration from Indian prints from the Moghul era.  Amrita recentl performed a live art show in Miami’s Art Wynwood exhibition.

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